Ore Reserves

123 Million Tonnes at 1.8% HM

93% VHM including 72% high quality Ilmenite, 12% Leucoxene, 5% Zircon, 4% Rutile


120km NNW Perth in the North Perth Basin in Western Australia

Expected Mine Life

10.5 years per PFS

Proposed standalone dredge mining operation with potential to be operated in parallel with other Image mining/processing operations.

The Bidaminna mineral sands project is located in the North Perth Basin in Western Australia, approximately 120 km north-northwest of Perth in the Shire of Gingin. Positive pre-feasibility study (PFS) results were published 27 June 2023 with the following highlights:

  • Pre-tax NPV8: A$192 million
  • Pre-tax IRR8: 28%
  • Capital estimate: A$194 million
  • Payback period: 3.8 years
  • Forecast mine-life: 10.5 years

PFS assumptions include mining using a floating suction-cutter dredge as the deposit is located below the static water table. The dredge will be accompanied by a floating wet concentration plant (WCP) to produce an heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) product. The average strip ratio is approximately 1:1 and the majority of overburden situated above the water table is assumed to be removed by conventional ‘dry mining’ methods.

The PFS is being upgraded to a definitive feasibility study (DFS), which involves a number of optimisation steps aimed at decreasing capital and operating costs. Additionally, the DFS will incorporate the assessment of a Mineral Separation Plant (MSP), currently undergoing an independent feasibility study. The DFS may also include the addition of a significant value-adding step of converting Bidaminna ilmenite into synthetic rutile (SR).

Project Approvals

The Bidaminna project is situated on unallocated Crown land, characterized by extensive Banksia Woodland vegetation, and located near the Moore River National Park.

The nearest freehold land is zoned rural, and the closest town is approximately 20 km to the west. All requisite environmental and regulatory approval applications are being progressed, including Ministerial Approval under the Environmental Protection Act.

A development proposal was referred to the EPA in November 2022, leading to a decision to assess the project through a Public Environmental Review process with a 6-week public review period. Proposed development of the project has also been referred to the Commonwealth for assessment under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. The Commonwealth has designated the project as a controlled action and will undergo assessment through accredited channels within the WA EPA approval process. Image is actively collaborating with local communities, government entities, and other key stakeholders to ensure the establishment of agreements that will facilitate the development of the project including construction, mining and processing, and rehabilitation activities. 

Mineral Resources and Ore Reserve

The Bidaminna deposit has estimated Mineral Resources of 109 million tonnes at 2.5% total heavy minerals (HM), with 86 million tonnes at 2.8% HM in the JORC Measured category. The HM contains 93% valuable heavy minerals including 12% leucoxene, 72% ilmenite, 4.9% zircon and 4.0% rutile. The deposit contains very low slimes (4%) and very low oversize (3.0%), with mineralisation below the water table and amenable to low-cost dredge mining technology.

The estimated Ore Reserve is 123 million tonnes of Probable Ore Reserves at 1.8% total heavy minerals (HM) with 12.6% leucoxene, 71.7% ilmenite, 5.0% zircon, 4.1% rutile and 0.3% monazite in the HM. The deposit has high-quality ilmenite suitable as feedstock for upgrading to synthetic rutile. Additional drilling is planned to determine the HM grade of 40 million tonnes of “Dilution” material which is currently assumed to have 0% HM grade. This step alone can potentially significantly improve overall economics of the project.

For further information on the Bidaminna Project, please review the flyer below: