Image is committed to minimising any potential long-term adverse impacts of its operations on the environment. The Company strives to maintain compliance with all of its licence requirements while it actively seeks to identify ways to ensure lasting improvements to certain aspects of the environment such as soil water retention, by using terracing and blending clayey materials into rehabilitated topsoils.

The Company has taken actions to minimise its carbon footprint, for instance, by working with Sunrise Energy Group to construct and operate a 2.3MW solar farm at Boonanarring, even though the Boonanarring project could be fully and adequately supplied with all its electricity requirements from the WA State power grid. In CY2023, approximately 26% (2022: 25%) of electricity requirements for Boonanarring were supplied as renewable solar energy from the solar farm, at costs slightly below grid power prices.

The use of solar power at Boonanarring provides Image Resources with green credentials and positions the Company as one of the few mining companies in Australia to directly utilise renewable solar energy to offset a significant portion of its grid-based energy supply, and thereby significantly reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.