Atlas Development Project

The Atlas Project is located 90km north of Boonanarring. It is a shallow and high grade open pit mine. Mineralisation extends from surface to 16m depth and has an average thickness of 3.5m and a maximum thickness of 12m.

The project is expected to commence when Boonanarring is depleted, at which time key infrastructure, including the existing wet concentrate plant (WCP), will be relocated from Boonanarring to Atlas. Image will continue to produce a high quality heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) which will be exported to international markets through the port of Bunbury. Atlas is expected to have a mine life of at least 3 years with opportunities to extend this through further exploration.

Environmental Review Document

Development of the Atlas project requires approvals from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commonwealth prior to commencement.  These approvals focus on the environmental, social and cultural aspects of the project and are available to the public. Copies of the Environmental Review Document can be downloaded from the EPA website via the following link.

Atlas Project - Environmental Review Document

The project has a resource of 18.1Mt at 6% heavy mineral with a mineral assemblage including 9.3% zircon, 46% ilmenite, 4% leucoxene and 6.5% rutile. The reserve is 9.5Mt at 8.1% heavy mineral with a mineral assemblage including 10.6% zircon, 51% ilmenite, 4.5% leucoxene and 7.5% rutile.