The Company carries out operations in Australia which are subject to environmental regulations under both Commonwealth and State legislation in relation to those exploration activities. Image's exploration manager is responsible for being aware of and monitoring compliance with regulations. During the course of Image's exploration activites to date there have been no known significant breaches of these regulations.

The overall environmental impact from mineral sands mining operations are less than with most other forms of mining. At mine closure the land will be returned to productive farmland with very little landscape change, once the rehabilitation has been completed.

In August 2014 the Minister for Environment granted environmental approval under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 for Image Resources’ Boonanarring Mineral Sands Project, located north-west of Gingin. The project involves open cut mineral sands mining, processing through primary and secondary concentration plants to produce heavy minerals concentrate and further treatment through a dry mill to produce ilmenite, rutile, zircon and leucoxene.

The Minister's approval extends to the construction and operation of associated mine infrastructure such as offices, workshops, fuel storage, roads, solar drying cells and water bores, and to the modification to the intersection of Brand Highway with Wannamal West Road to provide safe access to the project site.

Image will also made application to the Department of Water for the necessary abstraction licences to supply water for the project. These applications will also be subject to public review and comment.

Boonanarring Environmental Reports/data